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Dougies Goodies relocates to new Cake Factory in Ballymena!

Outside Dougies goodies

Let the Goodies do the Talking...

Family-favourite cake factory and bakery, Dougies Goodies have revealed their new store has opened today, Tuesday 6th June, at 17-19 Church Street in the heart of Ballymena.

Ballymena's beloved bakery and cake factory, Dougies Goodies, is excited to announce its relocation to its new home on 17-19 Church Street.

This exciting move comes after Dougies Goodies was acquired by Frank and Georgina Warwick in 2022, who have since spearheaded the exciting expansion and transformation of the beloved bakery.

Owners outside Dougies goodies bakery

Whilst Frank and Georgina have brought a fresh perspective and some exciting changes to the current offering of Dougies Goodies, loyal customers can rest assured that the heart and soul of Dougies remain intact.

"We are incredibly excited for the future of Dougies Goodies at our new home on Church Street," expresses Frank Warwick, the new owner of the bakery. "The expanded space and enhanced offering will create endless possibilities for us to delight our customers. The future is bright (and pink! and we can't wait to welcome you to Dougies Goodies' new home on Church Street."

Despite the change in ownership, Dougie, and Christine's unwavering commitment to cake-making & customer service excellence remains a cornerstone of the beloved bakery's operation in Ballymena. With their passion and dedication to the cake factory cause, Dougie and Christine continue to ensure each pastry, cake and sweet treat carries the same exceptional quality and homemade goodness that their loyal customers know and love.

Sophie’s goodies sign

"We may be working behind the scenes, but Christine and I are still pouring our heart and soul into making the bakes that we're known for," shares Dougie Coulter, the previous owner of Dougies Goodies.

"It's a joy to see our beloved bakery find a new home on 17-19 Church Street. We're excited for this new chapter and the opportunity to continue the legacy of Dougies Goodies."

The new home of Dougies Goodies, situated at the former location of Nicholl's Electrical Store, boasts an impressive 20,000 square feet premises, providing ample space for Dougies Goodies to expand their cake factory and flourish. This significant expansion from the current location on Lower Mill Street signifies a promising new chapter for Dougies.

The relocation will also bring some new products. Customers can now indulge in a range of hot drinks and coffees, perfectly paired with sweet or savoury meal deals. This new offering will satisfy every craving - no matter if you have a sweet or savoury tooth.

Dougies goodies staff

Under the guidance of its new owners, Dougies Goodies is thrilled to share that they will be launching a fresh and captivating brand to reflect their evolution and commitment to delivering delicious Goodies. The brand refresh embraces a forward-thinking approach to modernising the brand and propelling it forward into its exciting future on Church Street.

Dougies will also see the launch of a new website, built in-house at Rapid Agency, Owner of Rapid Agency, James Scullion commented:

"We were thrilled to collaborate with the team at Dougies Goodies to create a new brand identity for their relocation. We were careful for the brand to be reminiscent of the past whilst embracing a new look for the business. The website created by the team here at Rapid will offer customers an easy online solution to customised cakes for all occasions - with easy mobile ordering. Through the new website, we hope more customers will enjoy all that Dougies Goodies has to offer."

Dougies goodies buns and sweet treats

Dougies' Goodies' move to 17-19 Church Street is a testament to their continued growth and success, thanks to the loyal support of their customers. Their new convenient location in the heart of Ballymena will make it easier than ever to satisfy those sweet cravings or grab a quick sausage roll.

Dougies Goodies' new premises on Church Street officially open their doors to the public today, Tuesday 6th June.

A: 17-19 Church Street Ballymena BT43 6DD


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