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Doors close on 2023 season at Curry’s Fun Park in Portrush

Curry’s Fun Park Portrush

Another year has flown by, filled with the laughter of children, the joy of families, and memories that will last a lifetime, as the doors closed on the 2023 season at Curry's Fun Park in Portrush

Commenting after the lights were turned off and doors locked on Friday night (3rd November), a spokesperson for Curry's said:

"Curry’s Fun Park Portrush have just closed the doors for the final time this 2023 season.

"It’s time for the Dodgems to turn their engines off, the Carousel Horses to rest, the Sizzler to stop twisting and the Aqua Valley to dry out.

"The Curry family would love to take the opportunity to send out thousands of thanks to all our customers, local businesses, supporters and friends.

"Huge thanks to the thousands of customers who visited Curry’s Fun Park Portrush this year.

"The sounds of laughter and screams of delight filled the Portrush air daily, with visitors in their thousands travelling from far and wide to enjoy one of Northern Ireland’s leading tourist attractions.

Last customers of 2023 leaving Currys Fun Park Portrush as the 2023 season closes.

"This year certainly saw so many more first time visitors from as far away as New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and those from closer to home realising there was so much fun to be had daily from morning to night.

"The sight of so many families not only revisiting their own youth but sharing new experiences with their children is always a joy to see. There is an age old saying that suggests that regardless of age you can always be a big kid and this certainly resonates within Currys Fun Park Portrush... FUN FOR ALL!

"Looking forward to 2024 already!"

Curry's Fun Park Portrush will reopen, as usual, ahead of Easter 2024.


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