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Donaghy Bros invests over £2million in state-of-the-art retail space in Limavady

Two men standing in store smiling

(L-R) Dermot Donaghy and James Donaghy

Donaghy Brothers, one of Ireland’s leading independent electrical retailers, recently re-opened their doors to a brand-new, state-of-the-art showroom in Limavady after embarking on a £2.3 million major redevelopment.

The modern, cutting-edge showroom spans two floors, boasting 16,000 sq. ft. of retail space and free customer parking at the rear of the store.

James Donaghy, Donaghy Brothers Managing Director said:

“We aim to create an immersive and personalised shopping experience.  The showroom is one of the best in Ireland showcasing bespoke displays for industry leading brands such as Dyson, Miele, Rangemaster and many more. 

"In 2014 we renovated the Kilrea showroom, again this was a significant investment but it fuelled growth. We believe that our commitment to bricks and mortar retail, provides customers with a superior in store experience.

“We believe our showrooms in both Kilrea and Limavady reinforce the unique customer experience Donaghy Brothers is recognised for and this serves to compliment our online offering at”

Donaghy bros storefront

On 28th October 2021, the Limavady Store, situated on Main Street, officially closed its doors and commenced renovations which involved a full demolition of the original showroom. Doors reopened to the public on the 13th March 2023. 

The showroom displays almost 750 products across range cookers, refrigeration, laundry, televisions, small appliances and electric heaters. Other unique features include a coffee dock area, an indoor play area for children and carpark e-car chargers.  

Established in 1964 by the late Sean Donaghy, Donaghy Brothers began trading from a small premises in Kilrea, specialising in TVs and aerial fit outs. Innovation was at the forefront even then when Sean was first to market with a slot machine device that enabled customers to pay off their purchases over an agreed timeframe rather than in full at the time of buying.

Dyson machines on display in electrical store

As Dermot Donaghy, explained:

“A slot device was attached to the television, the customer put in £1 and this provided a certain number of hours viewing time. When this time ran out the TV would automatically turn off until another £1 coin was inserted. Every two weeks the slot device money was collected and this would pay off any appliance purchased from Donaghy Brothers. 

"Almost 60 years ago this service provided access to products that people otherwise couldn’t afford, as a result many homes across Mid-Ulster had a £1 coin sitting on top of their TV.”

The slot business successfully established loyalty to the Donaghy Brothers brand and in April 1976 Sean and his brother Gerard opened a second store in Limavady town centre.

The business, now directed by Sean’s two sons, Dermot and James, has enjoyed year on year growth. Donaghy Brothers now supply throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland and in 2022 achieved a £28million revenue.

TVs on display in electrical store

Altogether around £2.3million was invested in the Limavady renovation as Dermot explains:

“Limavady is a vibrant shopping town and Donaghy Brothers is now engrained within its heritage.  The Limavady showroom is a flagship destination that will attract many new customers across the island of Ireland.  We have enjoyed 47 good years trading in Limavady and we are looking forward to many more within this local community and beyond.”

Donaghy Brothers held it's Grand Opening event in the Limavady showroom on Saturday 29th April.


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