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Dodds praises innovation, creativity and resilience of Spirit AeroSystems

Economy Minister Diane Dodds with Spirit AeroSystems vice president and general manager Michael Ryan pictured with the new Spirit AeroSystems branding outside the wing factory following a meeting and tour of the plant.

Economy Minister Diane Dodds has praised the resilience, innovation and creativity of management and staff at Spirit AeroSystems during a visit to the wing factory at the company’s Belfast site.

Meeting with Michael Ryan, vice president and general manager of Spirit AeroSystems, the Minister learned about the award-winning composite technology developed by the company for the A220 wing. They discussed the ongoing challenges for aerospace, but also how the company was looking forward to being a force in developing the next generation of sustainable aerospace technologies through increased innovation and productivity, as the aerospace industry begins to recover.

The Minister said:

“The aerospace industry has long been one of Northern Ireland’s key economic drivers and has a vital role to play as we seek to recover, rebuild and rebound back stronger than ever.

“Spirit AeroSystems is renowned for its innovation and I am confident that the company will play an important part in helping to drive forward the principles highlighted within ‘10X Economy’, my Department’s economic vision, which seeks to embrace innovation to deliver a stronger economy with benefits for all our people. By focussing on innovation in areas where we have real strengths, such as the aerospace sector, and making sure these gains mean something to all businesses, people and places in Northern Ireland we will realise this ambition.”

Economy Minister Diane Dodds with Spirit AeroSystems vice president and general manager Michael Ryan on the factory floor during a tour of the wing factory.

Spirit AeroSystems’ vice president and general manager Michael Ryan commented: “As a leading aerospace manufacturer, we have a long legacy of innovation here in Northern Ireland, and we strive to continue developing leading edge technologies here long into the future. In order to achieve that, we welcome this ambitious vision for Northern Ireland that focuses on our core technologies and skills to ensure a prosperous future for our aerospace sector.”