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‘Sometimes it pays to be a little bit nosey’ - policewoman sniffs out drugs stash in Ballycastle

A “super nosey” female member of the Ballycastle Neighbourhood Policing Team was hot on the case when a car caught her eye in Ballycastle on Saturday, leading to the seizure of a stash of drugs.

The police officer shared her story on social media:

“Whilst doing a few enquiries yesterday a vehicle caught my eye parked at the rear of the chapel car park in Ballycastle. So being a policewoman and also being super nosey, I parked alongside it to check it out a little more.

“The sun was shining, the heat was powerful and as I peered into the passenger side of the car I got a HUGE whiff of Cannabis and an interesting view of dealing bags and a grinder.

“My mind was made up that this car was up to no good and was full of more than my eye could see, so I tried the door handle and to my absolute surprise… IT WAS OPEN!! Subsequently I then searched the vehicle under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and seized approximately £1000 worth of Class B drugs.

“A male was arrested, all drugs seized and he was charged with Drug suppling offences to appear at Court in Ballymena in the near future.”


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