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Details of NI £400 electricity payment announced

Prime Minister Liz Truss confirmed in an interview with BBC NI Political Editor Enda McClaffery that all households in Northern Ireland will receive a £400 electricity payment in November.

The plans are part of the government's response to help ease the impact of the cost of living crisis in communities across the province.

Northern Ireland's Economy Minister Gordon Lyons said that the £400 will be a one off payment as opposed to the six monthly instalments in Great Britain.

For household who use a pay-as-you-go keypad electricity meter, they will receive their £400 when they top-up.

• First top-up of £5 and you will receive £170

• Second top-up of £5 and you will receive £170

• Third top-up of £5 and you will receive £60

For those who pay by account, £400 will be credited to the electric account.

Mr Lyons added:

"Whilst Sinn Fein, Alliance and others have been trying to scare people, I have been working hard to deliver this in Northern Ireland for everyone.

"I continue to engage with the Government to make clear that the proposed £100 oil payment is nowhere near enough."


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