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Department makes Civil Service pay offer staff in Northern Ireland

The Department of Finance has today made a pay offer for Northern Ireland Civil Service staff for 2022.

This is possible following; the announcement of a budget for Northern Ireland; the passage of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2022 and publication of public sector pay guidance.

Following the commencement of negotiations, recognised Civil Service trade unions on both industrial and non-industrial side have asked the Department to issue a final pay offer now.

Pay remit approval process and guidance published on 8 December stated that: “Pay awards must be affordable in the context of each Department’s budget settlement as set out in the Secretary of State’s Northern Ireland Budget for 2022/23.”

The final pay offer will cost around £26.8million or 2.7% of paybill and is affordable, as required by the public sector pay guidance.

The offer includes:

  1. Contractual performance-related progression;

  2. Bringing up the pay of the lowest paid staff (Administrative Assistant and analogous grades, including Industrial 1 staff) to the Living Wage Foundation rates of £10.90 an hour or £21,053 annually;

  3. All eligible other staff to receive a consolidated increase of £552, subject to the detail in the written offer to unions.

A Departmental spokesperson said:

“The Department shares the frustration of all our colleagues in the delays in implementing a pay award for 2022. The Department recognises and regrets the pay offer is below what staff and unions will expect in a very challenging year for the cost of living.

"Unfortunately, the Budget position does not provide any additional scope to offer a higher pay award. The Department hopes this pay award can be agreed as a matter of urgency to ensure colleagues see their pay increase as soon as possible.”

• Pay Remit Approval Process and Guidance 2022/23 is available at

• Secretary of State for Northern Ireland’s Budget statement -

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