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Popular north coast restaurant apologises to those who couldn’t get a table after 45 ‘no-shows’

A popular north coast restaurant has revealed that at end of service on Saturday night (6 November), 13 bookings, representing 45 people, did not show up to honour their reservations of tables in the busy eatery.

Amici, Portstewart, shared the scale of the impact of ‘no-shows’ on social media, apologising to all the customers who were unable to book a table.

At a time when businesses are fighting to get back on their feet after the impacts of a global pandemic response, especially those in the hospitality sector, the two minutes it takes for a phone call or to send an online cancellation, is costing family-run businesses incredible financial loss.

In a social media post, a spokesperson for Amici said:

“We would like to apologise to all the customers who couldn’t get a reservation with us tonight.

“This is an insight to how our Saturday night service ended up - a total of 45 covers not showing in with no decency to cancel to free up a table for anyone else!

“We understand circumstances change but please make us aware!

“Just a reminder that we have a cancellation form on our website which sends us a direct email to cancel. Other ways to cancel are by email, phone or replying to your reservation reminder emails.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank those customers who do take the time to cancel and turn up for their reservations!”


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