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Condemnation after sectarian graffiti in Dunclug

There has been concern in the community, and condemnation from political representatives after sectarian graffiti appeared in the Dunclug area of Ballymena.

TUV Ballymena Councillor and deputy Mayor of Mid and East Antrim Matthew Armstrong said: “I am troubled by the appearance of sectarian graffiti at the entrance to Dunclug estate. A vandal has painted the message “Prods out” in a clear attempt at intimidation of the minority community in that part of the town.

“This is a disgraceful and disgusting attempt at intimidation. Sadly it is a reflection of the attitude of some in our society who show hatred and no respect for their neighbours simply because they are Protestants.

“I would appeal for anyone with information about this sinister development to come forward to the police.”

SInn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has also condemned the appearance of the graffiti and said there is no support from the people of Dunclug. Mr McGuigan said:

“There is no support from the people of Dunclug for this graffiti and there is no, nor should there be , any support for any form of sectarianism and threatening graffiti.

“I totally condemn these actions and would urge however is responsible to catch themselves on.

“The people in Dunclug want to get on with their lives and their neighbours. I have been in contact with the authorities to ask that this graffiti be removed as soon as possible.”

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