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Co Antrim farm welcomes public to be part of BioBlitz Festival of Wildlife and Wellbeing!

Welly boots

Jubilee Farm welcomes the public to be part of BioBlitz 2024!

As Northern Ireland’s first community owned farm, it promotes and conducts farming and conservation in partnership, a stewardship under the ethos of Creation Care. All aspects at Jubilee Farm are given opportunity to flourish.  

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, this is a free event for all the family to enjoy.

With so much often-unseen wildlife around us, Jubilee Farm will be recording the biodiversity present on the farm over a 24-hour period to establish a record and benchmark for years to come.

Boy and girl exploring biodiversity

Matt Williams, Conservation & Education Manager at Jubilee Farm commented,

“The BioBlitz is a chance to explore the wildlife around us and enjoy the experience of a farm that works together with nature.

“Our program of activities, guest talks and farm tours further extend our commitment and collaboration within the community. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a conservationist or you’ve just googled “biodiversity’ for the first time.”

BioBlitz Festival of Wildlife & Wellbeing is taking place at Jubilee Farm, 50 Glenburn Road,Glynn, Larne, BT40 3JY on Saturday 1st June, 9am to 4:30pm. 

A park and ride, free shuttle bus service will be operating from Larne Rugby Club, Glynn.  

About Jublee Farm

Jubilee Farm is based in Larne, at the top of Glynn, on a 13.5-acre space that is based on the ethos of Creation Care where in stewardship, it is farming and conservation in partnership.

All aspects of Jubilee Farm are given the opportunity to flourish, animals, biodiversity, soil and the people. It is NI’s first community owned farm, developed under a share offer where 150 people bought into the idea and concept, raising funds to buy the farm.

From there it has developed into a community centered place where everyone is welcome, equally.

Jubilee Farm works to be chemical free, a no dig farm, free-range, organic fed pigs and hens as well as growing vegetables to the season.

It is an example of sustainable food production. It promotes food choice and slow food, where it is fully traceable, to the season, and very tasty food that is natural and healthy for you.

One aspect of Jubilee Farm is its commitment to Social Farming. Social Farming is a service delivered by farmers as an innovative use of agriculture to promote therapy, rehabilitation, social inclusion, education, and social services in rural areas.

There are multiple benefits from Social Farming for both the individuals involved and the rural economy.

The service Jubilee Farm provides is allowing participants from the Northern Trust area to benefit from being in a natural, outside environment, grow in confidence as they learn new skills, have the opportunity to care for animals and plants, develop new relationships with people, have a role on the farm and a feeling of doing something worthwhile while allowing them to be integrated into the local community.


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