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Cloughmills company convicted at Ballymena court on animal welfare charges

AA McGuckian Ltd based at Drumbare Road, Cloughmills, was convicted at Ballymena Magistrates' Court today of two charges of failing to ensure the welfare of animals and one charge of failing to appropriately dispose of an animal carcass.

AA McGuckian Ltd was convicted and fined £1250 plus £15 offender levy. The case arose as a result of issues found during an inspection by DAERA of AA McGuckian Ltd farm premises.

No environmental enrichment material was available for the pigs and some doors to pens had gaps at the bottom with sharp rusty edges that could cause injury to the animals.

The company had also failed to dispose of a pig carcass. One pen was discovered to have a dead pig amongst the living ones.

DAERA states that it is "good practice (as well as being a legal requirement), to remove without delay an animal carcase from a farm to prevent spread of disease and protect public health and avoid detrimental effects on the environment."

A DAERA spokedperson added:

"The Department gives high priority to the welfare of animals and operates a vigorous enforcement policy to ensure full compliance of regulatory requirements. Any breaches are investigated thoroughly and offenders prosecuted as necessary."


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