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Cash for Trash | Digital recycling trial proves generosity of Whitehead residents

Owner of Whitehead Spar, Jackie Wright with the phone app

Over 4010 items have been recycled so far in the innovative Reward4Waste trial taking place in Whitehead, where householders receive rewards for recycling. Over half of the redeemed Reward Points, totalling just over £2,000 to date, have been donated to charity proving the generosity of Whitehead residents.

The Reward4Waste trial, delivered in partnership with Cryptocycle, Bryson Recycling and Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, was launched on 30th September 2020 and is due to finish on 31st January 2021.

During this time residents have been able to claim Reward Points via the Reward4Waste app for recycling items packed in single-use packaging, purchased at SPAR on Edward Road, Whitehead, including plastic drinks bottles, cans, plastic milk bottles and glass wine bottles.

Each participating item has a unique sticker which residents simply scan into the Reward4Waste app at the point of recycling to get their Reward Points. Users can recycle at home using their existing Bryson Recycling boxes or on-the-go, using temporary public recycling bins located throughout the town.

The collected Reward Points can be redeemed as SPAR vouchers (to be used at SPAR, Edward Road) or donated to a choice of four local charities – Hope House, Whitehead Primary School PTA, Angel Wishes or Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.

The trial comes at a time when the UK Government is working on new recycling laws to bring in a Deposit Return Scheme in 2023, which will change the shape of recycling for householders in the UK. This trial is the first of its kind in Europe.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Cllr Peter Johnston said:

“These results are to be commended. Residents here have clearly got behind the scheme and have shown a real willingness to recycle. As a coastal community Whitehead has always been an area passionate about our environment and it’s great to see this support behind new initiatives like this. It’s also great to see new technologies help us in our journey to reduce waste, recycle properly and ultimately help save the environment as well as money and resources. I’m really pleased to see so many people getting on board and would encourage anyone who hasn’t already to get the app.”

The trial has been well supported in Whitehead with local residents embracing this new technology.

Whitehead resident, Jo Nixon has been using the app for almost 2 months now

Whitehead resident, Jo Nixon says “It’s fantastic to see the local community in Whitehead come together to support the trial at this difficult time and to donate so many of their rewards to charity. Recycling is something that we can all do to help protect our environment and save our world for future generations”.

The app has been used by individuals of all ages, from 13 to 80. Joanne Allen, Whitehead resident (aged 55-60) says “The app was easy to use even for me who is a technophobe. I wanted to be part of the trial because I think it is vital that we recycle and reuse as much as we can. We have a long way to go but need to start somewhere and this is a good start.”

Whitehead residents can download the Reward4Waste app and take part in the trial until 31 January 2021.

For further details please visit www.reward4waste.com.