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Benone Protest | Police ‘anticipate issuing enforcement notices in days ahead’

All photos: Aerial Vision NI

Police have warned of impending enforcement notices after group calling itself ‘Freedom Alliance Island of Ireland’ held a protest on Saturday afternoon on Benone Beach.

A large crowd gathered on the beach, including some from the Ballymena area.

On the group’s website, it says: ‘We will protect the sovereign, inalienable rights of the people-the right to life, freedom, bodily integrity, movement, speech, association, property and religious belief-across the island of Ireland.’

In a statement to Love Ballymena on Sunday morning a police spokesperson said:

“Police were in attendance at a protest at Benone beach on Saturday afternoon. We will review the evidence gathered with a view to identifying any offences committed or breaches of the Health Protection Regulations and anticipate issuing enforcement notices in the days ahead.”