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TV | UTV’s Mahon’s Way visits Slievenacloy

Ronald Surgener and Joe lizard-hunting at Slievenacloy.

Joe Mahon returns to the Belfast Hills in the next episode of the popular UTV series ‘Mahon’s Way’, this time visiting Slievenacloy.

Joe finds out about the nature reserve status, how local people are farming AND protecting the habitat at the same time, and spotting butterflies and other little creatures you would not be expecting to see on a Belfast hillside!

The area is under the protection of the Ulster Wildlife Trust and has Nature Reserve status. Orchids and other beautiful flowers grow in the wild.

Joe speaks first to local farmer and conservationist Michael Meharg, whose grazing cattle are playing a vital role in keeping the area diverse. Studies examining the hawthorns in the area are also underway to see how trees can play a part.

Michael Meharg with Joe at Slievenacloy.

Joe then meets Ronald Surgenor of the Ulster Wildlife Trust who with helps Joe spot the only reptile left in Ireland, the common lizard, which lives on the hillside.

In part two of the programme Joe and Andy Crorywho is Ulster Wildlife Trust’s Nature Reserves Manager carry out a moth count, with Andy showing Joe the many different varieties that live on Slievnacloy.

Andy Crory of UWT and Joe at Slievenacloy.

Finally Joe speaks to archaeologist Dr. Ruairi O’Baoill, about the in depth studies that have been going on at Queen’s University to find out how people lived in the area 1000 years ago, and before. Thanks to their findings, he can paint Joe a picture of daily life over the centuries for the people who made the hillside their home.

Mahon’s Way is produced by Westway Film Productions for UTV and is sponsored by ‘Mid & East Antrim – A Place Shaped by Sea & Stone.’

Archaeologist Ruairi O' Baoill and Joe at Slievenacloy.

You can watch this episode on Monday 1st November at 8pm on UTV and on catch up on

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