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A story of two couples touched by each other’s kindness

Ballymena couple, Elizabeth & Sammy Law

It was a normal Saturday evening for Ballymena couple Sammy and Elizabeth Law. The couple who have made it their weekly habit and treat, went out for their dinner to Rococo.

Elizabeth suffers from dementia, so loving husband Sammy is always on hand to provide that little bit of extra help and reassurance.

It was after helping his wife to the bathroom on Saturday evening, that Mr Law decided to stop at the till to pay for their meals. To his surprise, a member of staff told him that a young couple had already paid for their dinner. Taken aback by the news Mr Law look around but didn’t see anyone he recognised.

The member of staff pointed him in the right direction and Mr Law approached the young couple to ask why they had so kindly paid for their meal. The couple explained that they didn’t know him but they could see that his wife was ill, and they noticed how well he looked after her, so they thought he needed a treat!

Sammy and Elizabeth were so touched by their kindness. Sammy couldn’t wait to tell his daughter, Ruth. It was after some digging that Ruth learnt that the young couple who had been so thoughtful were Andrew McClenaghan and Carley Rowan from Carnlough.

Andrew told Ruth: “I couldn’t help but admire the effort and length he goes to for your mother and he’s a credit, so I just thought it would be nice to do something in return for them.”

Andrew’s partner Carly said: “We were touched by how he (Sammy) cared for her, and we wanted to do something to cheer them up, but we didn’t expect to hear anything again!”

Sammy and Elizabeth’s daughter, Ruth commented on her dad’s reaction: “My dad couldn’t believe that someone he didn’t know would pay for his meal!”