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Three rescued from isolated rocks at Torr Head

RNLI Redbay volunteer crew during last night’s search operation at Torr Head.

(Photo: RNLI Redbay)

Three people were rescued and brought to safety in the darkness of Saturday night (25 September) from isolated rocks in the area of Torr Head, County Antrim.

In an operation coordinated instead by Belfast Coastguard, RNLI Redbay volunteer lifeboat crew launched at 10.45pm.

It is understood calls were made to the emergency 999 service from the men stranded on the coastline.

A spokesperson for RNLI Redbay said:

“Three people were rescued in darkness from isolated rocks at Torr Head, County Antrim. They were safely extracted by the volunteer crew and landed at Cushendall slipway.”


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