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Only 2 out of 30 vehicles tested had ‘clean bill of health’ in North Coast policing operation

When this vehicle was raised, the rear springs fell out.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has revealed that only two vehicles out of 30 tested, over the Bank Holiday weekend, had a clean bill of health.

The police mounted the operation, alongside colleagues in the Driver and Vehicle Agency, in a bid to keep the busy coastal town roads safe in light of a rumoured ‘car cruise’ event and the usual increase in traffic over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Police revealed the enforcement action taken included:

• 30 vehicles tested5 immediately taken off the road to be towed away20 Prohibition Notices - Driving unfit vehicle (vehicle owner has 14 days to rectify the defects and present to local MOT centre)5 had notice of defects issued and 5 advice and warning Of the 30 vehicles tested only 2 had a clean bill of health. Police issued 27 fixed penalty notices (£30 ticket non endorsable) for exhaust / VRM defective / Noise offences.

Two people were reported to the PPS for misuse of a mobile phone while driving, and officers made two detections for dangerous driving and issued four endorsable fixed penalty notices for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Advice and guidance was provided to multiple drivers in relation to tinted windows.

Police shared the photo above on social media of one of the cars that was inspected, commenting:

“When this vehicle was raised, the rear springs fell out!”

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