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Council’s new slow cooker recipes cooking up a storm in Mid and East Antrim

Mayor Cllr William McCaughey launching the new slow cooker cookbook with MEABC staff

As autumn approaches so does slow cooker season, and Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s new list of recipes are perfect for feeding the family at an affordable price. The new cookbook, available to download online, ‘Cook Slow, Eat Well’ provides a wide range of healthy and low cost recipes for your slow cooker to try at home.

Using a slow cooker is an easy way of making tasty nutritional meals at affordable prices. They are inexpensive to buy, run and make the most out of cheap ingredients because they cook for so long. Preparation time is quick and you can make extra servings to refrigerate or freeze for later.

Slow cookers are great for stews, soups, curries and joints of meat but they can also be used to make desserts and for baking cakes, cookies and brownies.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor William McCaughey, said:

“This new recipe book, alongside upcoming taster sessions on how to put it into action is all part of Council’s community health and wellbeing support service.

“Using a slow cooker is great for our busy lifestyles and these recipes will give our residents some great recipe ideas for healthy, low cost meals.

“By cooking your own meals you know exactly what you’re eating and slow cooked meals can have all the nutritional requirements that you need without much effort and spending lots of money.

“Money can be tight for families, especially after Covid, so slow cooking offers a really affordable way to feed your family for less, and still eat healthily.

“Council is committed to benefiting the lives of its local residents and this resource is one way of helping us support our local communities and promote healthier living across the borough.”

Council will also be running a number of slow cooker taster sessions with local community groups to highlight the benefits of slow cooking.

Download the new book here:

If you are part of a group that might benefit from this programme or would like further information about the energy efficiency support available please contact our Community Health and Wellbeing Team by E: T: 028 2563 3394


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