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Weather warning issued with icy conditions forecast for Northern Ireland

A yellow weather warning has been issued by the Met Office with icy conditions forecast to affect Northern Ireland as the week begins.

The warning is effective from 18:00 on Sunday 15th to 10:00 on Monday 16th January.

Icy surfaces are expected to develop following wintry showers leading to some difficult travelling conditions on Monday morning.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said:

"Wintry showers are expected to develop across Northern Ireland, Wales and western England during Sunday afternoon and evening, extending east across southern Scotland and the remainder of northern and central England.

"Clearing skies later in the night are expected to lead to ice developing on untreated surfaces. Showers will mainly fall as rain at low levels but could turn to snow in heavier or more prolonged showers resulting in 2-5 cm accumulating in places above 100-200 m, for example west of Northern Ireland, Cumbria, Pennines and north Wales."


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