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Jill Stewart | How to make the perfect roast potato

The PERFECT roast potato does exist, and from what we hear it pretty much looks like the photograph above - crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside.

Over the next weeks, every Saturday on the run up to Christmas, we will be featuring a weekly festive favourite foodie post, written by our friend Jill Stewart.

Keep an eye out for some great inspiration!

The local lady from Portglenone, is both a Foodie and a Dietician, who brings her passions together to create a unique balance of both healthy dishes and sweet treats on her social media blog, Jill Bakes.

Jill is passionate about creating and sharing recipes on her Instagram platform (@jillbakes_) which are easy to follow, quick to make and not using hundreds of ingredients! And with almost 6,000 followers, a lot of people are enjoying Jill’s food journey

As a Registered Dietitian, Jill is passionate about inspiring people to enjoy eating healthily, by showing that eating well doesn’t have to boring.

Proving that Dietitians aren’t the ‘food police’, Jill is a believer in moderation and that all foods can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet.

The County Antrim lady has been a keen baker from a very young age, learning many skills from her late Grandma who was a fantastic baker.

Jill is a regular recipe contributor for Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living magazine.


The Perfect Roast Potato Recipe

You all wanted my Mum’s Best Ever Roasties method, so here you are - they really are the best EVER!

You will need:

• Maris Piper potatoes

• Vegetable oil (we use Crisp ‘n Dry)


1. Peel the potatoes. Leave smaller potatoes whole, cut bigger ones in half or quarters.

2. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees fan.

3. Add the potatoes to a large saucepan and cover with boiling water. Cover with a lid and parboil the potatoes for 8-10 minutes. Drain the water out of the saucepan, leaving the potatoes in the saucepan.

4. Set back on the hob for about 10-15 seconds with the lid off to dry the potatoes.

5. Then put the lid back on and shake the potatoes for about 10-20 seconds until they are ruffled on the outside (be careful not to over shake or they will all mush!)

6. Pour some vegetable oil into a small bowl. Using a slotted spoon, dip each potato into the oil, making sure it’s fully coated. Place onto an oven tray.

7. Cook in the top shelf of the oven for about an hour, turning once after about 40 minutes when the bottoms are nice and crispy.



Head over INSTAGRAM to discover JILL BAKES - it is a fantastic blog where you'll discover enough inspiration to keep you baking and cooking for months!


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