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VIDEO | Ballymena legend Damien Carey makes exciting discovery

Ballymena’s much loved and well known Damien Carey was delighted to discover that a couple had named their son after him - 45 years ago.

Damien’s sister, Roisin, said that the family had heard about the story many years back but it was only over the last week it was confirmed when Anne & Gerry Graham dropped Damien a message on his new Facebook page.

Anne said: “My husband was working on Cushendall Road - not sure if they were digging up the road or what they were doing. Damien always came out to talk to him and my husband (I didn’t know him then) said, if he ever had a son he would call him Damien. My eldest son Damien is now 45!”

You can keep up to date with Damien’s life stories at his new Facebook page - link below!


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