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VIDEO | Ballymena groom does a runner on wedding day… to ‘farmer training’

A Ballymena man shocked his bride this week on their wedding day, when he pensively stood up to make his speech at the Ross Park Hotel reception, but said, “I can’t do this,” then ran out of the room.

Gary Nesbitt tied the knot with his beloved Joanne Crawford on Thursday 14 July in Clough Presbyterian Church, and decided to plan the perfect surprise for his wife who is the daughter of a farmer.

A video that Gary had previously recorded was then played for the aghast bride and gathered guests showing the groom running out the hotel door saying “I’m not ready to be a farmer!”

Bride Joanne was left temporarily in shock, while Gary’s sister-in-law ran out after him in a hope to salvage the unfolding crisis and help the panic-stricken fleeing groom.

There was no need to fear though, the dedicated husband, self-described as a ‘townie’, had only taken himself off to ‘farmer training’ before returning back to his wife, to the sounds of cheers and laughter, and better equipped (hopefully) for life married to a country girl.

WATCH the video below:

Congratulations Gary and Joanne!


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