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USPCA reminds public that dogs die in hot cars as temperatures forecast to rise

The USPCA is appealing to the public to ensure their pets have plenty of water and shade during these higher temperatures.

If you are out and about and have them with you, please NEVER put them at risk by leaving them in a hot car.

During the warmer weather, the interior temperature of a car can reach unbearable levels in just 10 minutes. Leaving your pet in these high temperatures could result in heat stroke and could be fatal.

Even if you have left the window open, parked in the shade, or are only running an errand for five minutes - please remember: Not long is too long.

If you are concerned for the wellbeing of an animal confined in a car on a warm day, your first port of call is the Animal Welfare Department at your local council, their details can be found at:

They can liaise with the PSNI to identify the owner and ensure the animal is freed from danger.


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