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Translink on-track testing begins for the first new train carriages

The public will soon get a glimpse of the first new longer walk-through trains as they take to the tracks for dynamic testing before entering passenger service later this year.

Three new train carriages were delivered in March and were integrated into one of the existing Class 4000 trains which has been fully refurbished so the whole train looks and feels new. Following a series of successful static testing it is now ready to go out for a test drive.

Ian Campbell, Translink’s Director of Service Operations explained:

“Safety is a top priority, each train will be subjected to a rigorous phase of testing by our engineers to assess safety, performance and comfort. We are pleased with the progress made on our first train which allows us to move to the next phase of dynamic testing on track.

"We regularly promote the safe use of our services and deter antisocial behaviour such as trespass or misuse of level crossings. With these additional test trains operating we are taking the opportunity to launch a new track safety campaign to generate awareness and remind everyone within the wider community to be extra vigilant and always follow safety directions at railway crossings.

“We would also appeal to parents and carers to know where your children and young people are and deter loitering or ‘messing’ around train stations or using train tracks as shortcuts.

“This is a very exciting development. These new longer trains will be more energy efficient, more accessible, being able to walk the whole length of the train and will provide more space, with around 1600 more seats. They will further enhance public transport as more people look to travel more sustainably as we emerge from Covid-19 for NI’s healthier and greener recovery,” Ian concluded.

Train Testing & Commissioning Phase

• On arrival of the carriages, each extended train will undergo an intensive period of static and dynamic testing and commissioning before entering public service.

• Following the testing of the first lengthened set, subsequent deliveries of additional carriages occur between July 2021 and May 2022. Testing will run back to back as each Class refurbishment is completed.

• Trains will be introduced gradually as each train is approved - First train expected into service Autumn 2021 Last trains are due Summer 2022.

• Testing will be carried out day and night and comprises:

- static testing including safety system checks;

- on-track testing involving trains crews and technical staff testing trains at speeds up to 90 miles per hour to assess train’s technical performance and passenger facilities;

- fault-free running in which first train must complete 2000 miles (subsequent trains 1,000miles) without a problem.

• A comprehensive Translink employee training programme will take place from May – December for train drivers and conductors.


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