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Translink NI Railways has released a video showing correct use of level crossings

Translink has released a new video to remind the public of the correct and safe use of level crossings.

“Safety is our top priority and we want to maintain our high safety standards for our customers, staff and the wider public. People who use railway crossings are reminded to be vigilant, pay attention to warning lights and notices and never try to ‘beat the barrier’”.

Translink’s Network Assurance and Safety Manager Ian Morrow said: “People can put themselves and others at risk by not using crossings properly. We urge drivers and pedestrians to heed the notices, understand the warnings and stop until it is safe to proceed. Any temptation to ignore warning lights and try to rush through closing barriers puts lives at risk.

“People should never assume that a train will be slowing as it passes through a crossing. Express trains do not stop at all stations and can travel at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. If a driver had to apply the emergency brakes, it can take over 900 metres for the train to stop”.

“We have created a video, which indicates how motorists, cyclists and pedestrians should proceed at level crossings (below).

Ian concluded “We have CCTV footage at our crossings and we have prosecuted a number of individuals for level crossings misuse, with approx. £2000 in fines, costs and offender levies being issued, as well as cautions; and we will actively pursue those who do not follow the safe procedures.”

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