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TOP 10 | All the latest news from Waterstone’s Ballymena

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Welcome to this week’s news, reviews, and ‘all-things-books’ latest from the team at Waterstone’s Ballymena!


1. John Hume - Stephen Walker

Number one bestselling book John Hume by Stephen Walker

2. Killer's Christmas List - Chris Frost

3. The Dunlop Dynasty - Stephen Davison

4. Guinness World Records 2024

5. The Rambling Man - Billy Connolly

This week’s top 10 bestselling books from Waterstone’s Ballymena

6. The Traitors - Alan Connor

7. The Woman in Me - Britney Spears

8. The Blunders - David Walliams

9. Pinch of Nom Express - Kay Allison

10. Feel Good in 15 - Joe Wicks


The Secret - Lee Child

The Secret book by Lee Child

Reacher returns in another high-octane rollercoaster ride of a novel from Lee and Andrew Child, as the US government call the lone wolf in to investigate a spate of strange, seemingly unconnected deaths across the country.

5 Ingredients Mediterranean - Jamie Oliver

5 Ingredients Mediterranean book by Jamie Oliver

Combining the concept behind Jamie's hugely popular 5 Ingredients with his abiding love for and knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine, this sensational cookbook serves up 125 flavour-packed, hassle-free recipes.

Guinness World Records 2024

Guinness World Records 2024

From rollercoasters to coral reefs, discover more mind-boggling world records in the 2024 edition of the perennial bestselling favourite.

Rambling Man - Billy Connolly

Rambling Man book by Billy Connolly

From America to the Arctic and from Nepal to New Zealand, Rambling Man is Billy Connolly's love letter to the locations, people and incredible adventures that have resulted from a life on the open road.

The Traitors - Alan Connor

The Traitors book by Alan Connor

Immerse yourself in the duplicitous world of the smash hit show with this addictive interactive game book boasting twenty standalone games designed to root out the scheming Traitors from the loyal Faithful.

The Woman in Me - Britney Spears

The Woman in Me book by Britney Spears

Global megastar Britney Spears reveals all in her candid and heartfelt memoir, covering her incredible, tumultuous career, her controversial conservatorship experience and more.

The Blunders - David Walliams

The Blunders book by David Walliams

Filled with laugh-out-loud incidents and riotous mishaps, The Blunders follows the hilarious escapades of the titular upper-class family in their crumbling stately home.

Pinch of Nom: Express - Kay Allinson

Pinch of Nom: Express book by Kay Allinson

In this unmissable new cookbook from Pinch of Nom, Kay and Kate Allison share their kitchen magic in the form of hearty, quick and super simple recipes, with plenty of inspiration for air fryer and slow cooker aficionados.

Feel Good in 15 - Joe Wicks

Feel Good in 15 book by Joe Wicks

Combining tasty and nutritious recipes with quick and easy workouts, the much-loved Joe Wicks demonstrates just what can be achieved for lasting health in a mere fifteen minutes.


Cat Kid Comic Club 5: Influencers - Dav Pilkey

Cat Kid Comic Club 5: Influencers book by Dav Pilkey

Once more boasting a host of mini-comics and a variety of illustrating styles, the Cat Kid Comic Club return for more freewheeling graphic novel fun.

Heartstopper Volume 5: Alice Oseman

Heartstopper Volume 5 book by Alice Oseman

The phenomenally popular graphic novel series returns with Nick and Charlie very much in love but Nick's planned move to university hanging over their lasting future.


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