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Three sweet Frenchies looking for their forever homes

Dogs Trust Ballymena are on the search for loving forever homes for Storm, Alva and Gatsby, three sweet French Bulldogs who are ready for their new starts in life.

A spokesperson for the local charity said:

"Their ideal homes should have a good understanding of their breed. They all have their own little personalities and are lots of fun to be around!

"Have a look at their profiles or come visit them at the centre during our opening hours".


6-12 months old female

May live with dogs and primary & secondary school age children

Alva is looking for a home with a secure garden where she can run around and play with her toys She is struggling to walk in unfamiliar areas in her foster home so needs patient adopters who will help to slowly build up her confidence, but in the meantime has somewhere safe to be off lead.

She travels well in the car and enjoys being carried around outside experiencing all the sights, sounds and smells. Alva would be happy being left on her own for a few hours each day but will need a little help with housetraining as she still has the odd accident in her foster home, though is almost there with being housetrained.

She could live in a home with other doggy companions as she enjoys playing with them and being in their company but will need to be managed around food as she is not happy sharing with other dogs. Alva does like to have a lot of attention on her and will push in so this would also need managed if she were to live with other dogs but she would also be very happy living as an only dog where she could be the centre of your world!

Dogs Trust staff do not know what she would be like around cats. She could live in a home with primary school children and older so long as they are comfortable around a dog that jumps up. Alva does have some medical requirements which includes needing medicated baths which she is very good at having done. Her medical issues can be discussed in more detail with the team at Ballymena.


1 year old male

May live with cats and dogs, and primary & secondary school age children

Could you be Storm's perfect match? Meet Storm - the 1 year old French Bulldog. He is everything that you would expect from the breed and he loves meeting new people and sniffing out new places too. He enjoys the company of his canine carers and getting out for his strolls during the day. Storm is a super loving dog ready for his new start in an amazing new home.

Storm is looking for a loving home that can offer him a lot of love and attention. Understanding the breed and their characters would be a bonus, he could potentially live with another dog, pending meets at the Rehoming Centre.

He isn't used to being left alone during the day, so someone around at home to begin with is important to make sure that this is built up over time. He could live with children aged 8+ that have been around dogs before. His funny grunting noises can be unknown to some children.


5 year old male

May live with dogs, and primary & secondary school age children

Could you be Gatsby's perfect match? Gatsby is a 5-year-old French Bulldog, he is quite the sweetheart and is now waiting for his perfect home to come along. He loves human company and will enjoy nothing more than snuggling up to his new adopters in the new home. It would be ideal that his adopters are familiar with the French Bulldog breed.

Gatsby is looking for a loving home with someone at home for most of the day, especially when he first arrives home. He may live with older kids (13+). He has potential to live with another dog in the home, pending successful dog meets at the centre. Gatsby will need a secure garden space to have that will allow him space to play around in.


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