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The Hygiene Bank Ballymena launches and you can get involved

A brand new community initiative has launched in Ballymena in a bid to support local families who find themselves locked in poverty and who struggle to keep themselves and their family clean.

The Hygiene Bank Ballymena, part of a UK-wide charity, was set up in 2020 by Jennie Watt and has continued to grow, now with a team of five volunteers who are kept busy raising awareness of hygiene poverty, and the devastating impact it can have on the dignity and self-respect of an individual.

The volunteers of the grassroots community initiative collect donations of unused, in-date hygiene, personal care and household cleaning products, for all genders and age groups, and distribute them locally, making a difference to many individuals and families in need.

To date The Hygiene Bank Ballymena has worked with community and charity partners such as Women’s Aid, The Simon Community, Barnardos Leaving Care, Baby Basics, The Lighthouse Hostel and The Food Bank (Trussell Trust).

A spokesperson for the group said: “Those experiencing poverty can find themselves left caught between being able to heat their home, pay their rent, eat... or be clean.

“At The Hygiene Bank, we believe each and every one of us should enjoy a dignified life. It’s not right that getting clean should be a luxury or a privilege for anyone in our society, yet many can’t afford to be clean and don’t have affordable measures at home - like soap, toiletries, nappies and sanitary products to keep clean and stay well.

“And that’s what we in The Hygiene Bank do.”

You can help to make a difference to families right now across the Ballymena area by supporting the work of The Ballymena Hygiene Bank in the following ways:


The charity now have 5 drop-off points locally where people can drop off their donations. You can donate items at:

• McCartney & Crawford

• McCarroll McConnell & Co Ltd

• Hays Travel Ballymena

• Glen10Gym

• Unite Gym

• HeadQuarters Barbershop

• McAtamney’s Traditional Butchers

If you would like to donate, but cannot get to a drop-off point just get in touch with The Ballymena Hygiene Bank via Facebook Messenger or email, and the volunteers will do whatever they can to arrange a collection.

You can also donate items online using a handy Amazon Wishlist. Simply visit the link below and choose which items to purchase. These will be sent directly to the hygiene bank.

Amazon Wishlist:


The Ballymena Hygiene Bank needs more drop-off points to allow the public to easily donate items which can be collected and distributed. If your business, organisation or group can help by becoming a drop-off point, or even to make a donation or discuss sponsorship, please get in touch with the team.

Concluding, spokesperson for The Hygiene Bank Ballymena commented: “Hygiene poverty is shaming, excluding and isolating, and our work directly benefits those in crisis.

“We passionately believe no-one should be suffering from hygiene poverty in 21st Century, and would seek the public’s help to make sure no-one has to.

“We are so very grateful to each and every who can help us in our mission. We see first hand the happy, relieved and thankful faces of the recipients of your donations. You are truly making a difference!”

You can contact The Hygiene Bank Ballymena via:


The Hygiene Bank collects new, unused and in-date toiletries, hygiene basics, beauty and personal care and household cleaning essentials. The lists below are not exhaustive; the rule of thumb is, if you need them and use them, then it is likely someone else needs and uses them too.

The team are trying to give back dignity and show respect, so do not give out half used, old products. Please only donate what you would consider happily gifting a friend.

• Female

Period products, shampoo & conditioner, hair styling products, face wash, cleanser & creams, body wash, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush, disposable razors, nail files, make-up, perfume, gift sets

• Baby / Child

Nappies & pull ups, night time pants for older children , baby wipes, barrier cream, toothpaste & toothbrush, baby wash, baby & kids shampoo, talcum powder, nit comb & nit shampoo.

• Male

Shampoo & conditioner, shower gels, deodorant, disposable razors & shaving foam, toothpaste &toothbrush, hair styling products, nail clippers, men's grooming products

• Household

Washing powder, household cleaning, plasters, hairbrush, hair ties, loo roll, tissues, ear buds, wipes.


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