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Teachers call for firm action on ventilation in schools in Northern Ireland

Teachers’ Union NASUWT is calling on the Northern Ireland Executive to take firm action to improve ventilation in schools to reduce further Covid spread and disruption.

At the NASUWT Northern Ireland Annual Conference in Belfast members called for the immediate supply of CO2 monitors in all indoor learning and teaching environments, as well as an “urgent evaluation” of the ventilation in all classrooms.

The Union wants to see proper measures to increase airflow which will make a difference to health and would help to limit the damage to learning for pupils.

Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT, said:

“Too many teachers are still working in classrooms with windows sealed shut despite the knowledge that good ventilation is vital in helping to reduce the spread of Covid and other airborne diseases.

“We need to see a proper commitment from the Executive to provide enhanced ventilation. This will provide much-needed reassurance to teachers, pupils and parents.”

Justin McCamphill, NASUWT National Official for Northern Ireland, said:

“We call on the Northern Ireland Executive to provide all measures necessary to improve ventilation in schools. There needs to be an urgent evaluation of the ventilation and heating in all classrooms.

“If it is not possible to do this in some classrooms then alternative spaces need to be provided until proper assessments are carried out.”


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