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Sweet! Plans revealed for ‘Bakery and Cake Factory’ in Ballymena

After years of baking buns and building brand one of Ballymena's top bakeries is ready for a bigger slice of the pie with plans submitted recently for a new bakery and cake factory in the town centre.

Dougies Goodies has been at the centre of many family celebrations and other markable occasions, and now under the ownership of County Antrim couple Frank and Georgina Warwick, plans are afoot for bigger and better, placing the family business firmly in position to be a go-to-favourite for years to come.

Dougies Goodies store front on Mill Street, Ballymena.

Submitted on 28th March 2023, the business is seeking permission from planning officers at Mid and East Antrim Borough Council for a change of use for premises at 17-19 Church Street from vacant retail to 'bakery and cake factory'.

Better known as the former Nicholl's electrical shop, the premises offer almost 7,000 square feet of floor space and would be a substantial expansion from Dougies Goodies' current location on Lower Mill Street in the town.

Front of the former Nicholl’s electrical store on Church Street in Ballymena.

Plans drawn up by 2020 Architects show shop floor space to the front of the building accessed from Church Street, with large production areas and stores space to the rear. Drawings also show plans for rows of energy producing solar panels on the roof of the premises.

The planning application will be considered by planning officers at Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in the months ahead.


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