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Sustainable budget and public sector pay a priority - Archibald

Northern Ireland Finance Minister Dr Caomihe Archibald MLA

Finance Minister Dr Caomihe Archibald MLA has written to the Treasury requesting a meeting to discuss the significant financial pressures facing our public services.

Commenting after meeting the Prime Minister and speaking to colleagues from Irish Congress of Trade Unions the Finance Minister said:

“I have pressed the Prime Minister on the need for reform on how we are funded. The financial package only provides a short-term solution to the pressing issues faced by departments. I have written to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury pressing for the urgent need to resolve the budget issues and our longer-term fiscal sustainability.”

Highlighting her commitment to public sector pay, Minister Archibald added:

“Our public sector workers are at the heart of delivering services and we must make sure they receive the pay increases and award they deserve.

“I have spoken with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and will be meeting with Civil Service trade unions this week. I am committed to ensuring we do everything in our power to enable negotiations to commence and conclude as quickly as possible.”

The Minister added:

“I am honoured to have been appointed Finance Minister and I will work tirelessly for all our citizens. The responsibilities of this Department are very wide ranging. With greater demands on our public services than ever before the challenges and complexity of this brief are immense.

“The financial pressures need to be tackled head on and so recurring funding based on our appropriate level of need is essential. It is vital we address the systemic issues in relation to how we are funded if we are to properly invest in and reform our hospitals, schools and deliver the services the public deserve.”

Minister Archibald concluded:

“The Department of Finance is key to the work of all other departments, and we will continue to assist them in effective and efficient delivery.

“I look forward to working with Ministerial colleagues in continuing to build collaborative relationships across the public, private and community sectors in the time ahead.”


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