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Storm Kathleen named and weather warnings issued

Weather warnings have been issued for unsettled weather this week.

The UK forecast up to and including the weekend presents a Smorgasbord of weather types with rain, transient snow, unseasonably strong winds and temperatures above 20°C all featuring for some.  

The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings over the next two days and Met Éireann has named an area of low-pressure Storm Kathleen, which will bring wind and rain impacts on Saturday. 

Wind warnings for western areas

On Saturday a deep area of low pressure – now named as Storm Kathleen and the 11th named storm of this storm season - will move towards the UK and Ireland from the southwest bringing unseasonably strong winds to Ireland and western parts of the UK.

A yellow warning is in place from 8am-10pm on Saturday for parts of western Britain and Northern Ireland.  

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Christoph Almond said:

“Gusts of 50 mph are expected quite widely on Saturday, while some exposed spots, particularly on the coast, will see 60 to 70 mph gusts with large waves also likely.” 


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