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‘Sting operation’ as police pursue drug dealer through nettles in Ballymena

A 'sting operation' of a literal kind was mounted in Ballymena on Tuesday, 4 October, after a local policing team observed a drug deal going on in the town that led to a pursuit on foot after the suspect.

Speaking on Wednesday, a police spokesperson explained:

"Yesterday, The District Support Team in Ballymena observed a suspected drug deal in progress whereby a male made off from police when approached.

"As a result of a speedy foot pursuit by Neighbourhood policing, DST and B section (and a few nettle stings and cuts later!) the suspect was located.

"Various amounts of a illegal controlled substances were seized on his person and further house searches conducted.

"We also paid dedicated attention to recent concerns raised surrounding activity at the ECOS Centre and as a result, spoke with drivers and detected further illegal substances."


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