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Springs fell out of car when examined during North Coast Easter safety operation by police

“When this vehicle was raised on the lift the rear springs fell out”

Over the Easter weekend officers from the Causeway Coast & Glens Neighbourhood & Local Policing Team took part in a joint operation with DVA Enforcement and HMRC Fuel Team across the North Coast.

A police spokesperson said: “Over the course of two days forty cars were examined. Three got a clean bill of health. The remaining thirty-seven had some form of prohibition placed on the vehicle, thirteen of which were found to be in a dangerous condition, and had to be collected via trailer or low loader.

“Four vehicles were found to be running on red diesel and were seized by HMRC.

“The majority of the vehicles examined had been deliberately altered (modified) which caused the vehicle to fail the inspection. Genuine car enthusiasts are able to modify their vehicles safely and legally, however, when the modifications make the vehicle a danger to the driver, passengers or other road users we have to step in.

“When this vehicle was raised on the lift the rear springs fell out (top picture), anyone that thinks that’s safe can’t call themselves a car enthusiast.

“Thanks to the teams from DVA & HMRC, we will see you again soon!”


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