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Sinn Féin announce Bréanainn Lyness as candidate for Ballymena town

Sinn Féin candidate Bréanainn Lyness in grey suit and tie with white shirt, smiling.

Sinn Féin have announced Bréanainn Lyness as their candidate for Ballymena town in the upcoming Council elections in May.

Bréanainn is 30 years old, educated at St Louis primary, St Patrick's secondary school, and Queen’s University where he graduated with a Master’s degree in political studies. He then worked for a year with New York City’s council and volunteered for the Emerald Isle Immigration Centre helping marginalised groups. 

Since returning home Bréanainn has worked with Stormont’s Executive Office team formulating government policy as part of the 'Ending Violence Against Women and Girls' strategy. His grandfather, Henry McAlinden – a founding member of All Saint’s GAC, was a stalwart of the Irish language community, and he also stood for election in Ballymena in 1978 on behalf of the Irish Nationalist Party.

Mr. Lyness said:

"It is a privilege and honour to have been selected to be the Sinn Féin candidate for Ballymena town.

"I am determined to promote equality, transparency and good government in a council that unfortunately has failed on all three points. I want to ensure council services and the spending of ratepayer's money is shared out equally and to the benefit of all parts of Ballymena town and for all its citizens."

Despite the growth of Sinn Féin over recent years there has never been a Sinn Féin councillor elected from the town.

According to Bréanainn Lyness:

"It is clear from the Assembly election last May and from opinion polls that more and more people in Ballymena, as elsewhere, are supporting Sinn Féin. Voters recognise the determination of Sinn Féin to build a better Ireland, based on equality and inclusiveness.

"People want to see the Assembly back working. We need to be focusing on our Health service -in particular our waiting lists, cancer and mental health services, using the advantages of the protocol to boost our economy, creating well paid jobs for our young people and providing a decent future for everyone."


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