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Robin Swann shares election victory with health workers as North Antrim says ‘Thank you’

Robin Swann has received a resounding victory in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections in what would seem to be a massive ‘thank you’ for his efforts in handling the province’s health response to the coronavirus pandemic over the last two years.

The Kells man topped the polls in the North Antrim constituency with 9,530 first preference votes (18.3%).

Responding to his poll topping success, former Health Minister Robin Swann told the BBC:

“It has been a challenging two years in regards to the portfolio I have held. I’ve done the best with what we’ve had and what we’ve been able to do, and I think this result again pays testimony to the work of the people in the Health Service across Northern Ireland.

“When you say about a personal vote for me, I think it is more of a tribute as well to the work that we’ve been able to deliver over the last two years in the portfolio, but also the Health Service in Northern Ireland and all the people who have worked in that and have supported me in my role.”

North Antrim has a total of 81,935 registered voters and yesterday seen a 62% turnout at polls, slightly down by 0.90% since the last Assembly elections in 2017.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) came out with the largest party vote in the North Antrim constituency, but has seen a large swing away from its success in 2017, with a loss of 15% of first preference votes.


Graphic: BBC News



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