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Rescue operation underway as P&O European Causeway adrift in Irish Sea

A rescue operation has been mounted on Tuesday afternoon (26 April) after the P&O European Causeway vessel went adrift on the Irish Sea after a ‘mechanical issue’.

Marine Tracker showed the two lifeboats, RNLI Larne, supported by RNLI Redbay, alongside the ship around five miles off the Larne coast.

P&O Larne service updates commented:

“We regret that due to a technical difficulty the 16:00 sailing is cancelled. Please rest assured that customers booked on this sailing will be accommodated on the next departing at 20:00. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The European Causeway docked in Larne around 4pm. (Photo: Emma Vardy)

As news of the incident emerged, P&O said:

“Following a temporary mechanical issue, the European Causeway is now continuing on its scheduled journey to the Port of Larne under its own propulsion, with local tugs on standby, where it will discharge its passengers and cargo as planned."

The vessel docked in Larne a short time later around 4pm.

P&O Ferries says a “full investigation” will be undertaken.

RNLI Redbay


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