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Police to tackle antisocial behaviour on North Coast

The Police Service of Northern Ireland have said they will be providing a visible presence on the North Coast to tackle antisocial behaviour, and have appealed to parents to speak with their young people.

It comes after two couples were attacked by a group of youths in the popular coastal town of Portrush on Friday night, leading to one person being hospitalised fo treatment for their injuries.

A Police spokesperson for the Causeway Coast and Glens district said:

“Police will be providing a visible presence across the North Coast area this weekend. Officers are fully aware of the impact anti-social behaviour can have on communities in the area.

“Police are committed to tackling issues of anti-social behaviour and have been engaging with residents and community representatives and will continue to do so.

“Young people who choose to engage in anti-social behaviour must understand it is unacceptable and must stop. People have a right to feel safe in their communities.

“Parents and guardians must speak to their young people about where they are and who they are with and also warn them of the dangers of getting involved in behaviour which could result in injuring themselves, others, or ultimately a criminal record.

“Police will continue to patrol the area and continue to work alongside our partner agencies, local representatives and the community. We would encourage anyone affected by anti- social behaviour to report the matter to police immediately on 101.”


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