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Police respond to ongoing partying in Holyland area of Belfast

Young revellers in the Holyland area of Belfast

Police in South Belfast have issued seven Covid notices to young people and issued three prohibition notices at properties hosting parties in the Holyland area of South Belfast last night, into the early hours of this morning (17 Sept).

In addition, a 20-year-old male who had been previously arrested in the area late on Tuesday evening, was arrested on suspicion of breaching bail. He appeared before court this morning.

Chief Inspector Gavin Kirkpatrick said, “We continue to dedicate substantial resources to policing this area as we work with our partner agencies and the universities to address this ongoing issue.

“In addition to robustly addressing all incidents of antisocial of criminal activity, where appropriate, we will be sharing the details of students have failed to follow the Covid regulations with the Universities, who will then consider a range of sanctions.

“Once again, I am warning young people who have moved to the Holyland area and those who are visiting the area, you all share responsibility to adhere to the Health Protection Regulations to protect themselves and others from Covid19.

“The young people congregating or travelling to this area really need to consider their actions for their own health and that of the community.

“A large number of people are acting responsibly but there are a few who continue to behave recklessly and are causing disruption for the local community.”

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