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Police conduct more than 13,000 patrols during Operation Season’s Greetings

The Police Service of Northern Ireland conducted more than 13,000 patrols across the country over the Christmas period including the patrolling of transport hubs, town centres and retail hubs, all with the aim of keeping people safe.

This year’s operation focussed on a range of safety priorities including roads and transport, streets and socialising, shopping and homes.

The operation ran from November 17th 2022 to January 2nd 2023 and saw dedicated resources deployed across all districts in Northern Ireland focusing on public safety and the well-being of communities.

As part of the operation, 675 seizures took place for drugs (A, B and C classification) with a street value of £588,580 and 188 related arrests were made.

Across Northern Ireland, 122 offensive weapons were seized with 69 arrests made. 338 arrests were also made for violence against the person offences.

In relation to road safety, the number of fatalities during this period was 11.  

Retail crime was a key focus for Operation Season’s Greetings and as a result, 200 arrests were made in relation to retail theft and associated offences and 55 arrests were also made for burglary.

Chief Superintendent Davy Beck for Local Policing said:

“The aim of Operation Season’s Greetings was to enhance the safety of the people of Northern Ireland over the Christmas period.

“Police officers conducted proactive patrols and worked closely with local businesses, licensed premises and our partners in public transport to deliver safe streets, safe roads and safe homes.

“I would like to thank all of those who worked with us, listened to our messaging and supported our efforts throughout Operation Season’s Greetings."

“We will continue to work with all our partners, stakeholders and the public to build safer communities together and encourage everyone to report crime to us,” added Chief Superintendent Beck.

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