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Plans rejected for glamping pods in Ballygally

A planning application for four glamping pods on a farm outside Larne has been refused.

The application was turned down by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s Planning Committee at a meeting on Thursday.

The glamping pods were proposed on farm land at Old Glenarm Road, Ballygally.

Planning officer Denise Kerr told the committee there were a number of objections to the farm diversification proposal which was recommended for refusal due to potential “adverse impact” on neighbouring dwellings.

The officer indicated the proposed pods would not be close to any other farm buildings adding that farm diversification is required to be “appropriate in location, in terms of character and scale” and should not result in “detrimental impact” on neighbouring dwellings.

She noted all seven objections were from residents of Millvale.

“There are a number of third party dwellings adjacent to the proposed site. There may be other opportunities on the farm that would not compromise these residents,” she said.

The officer went on to say access is proposed at School Hill Lane, a narrow country road, which goes through a grouping of dwellings known as Mill Vale, which is “characterised by a narrow route with a narrow bridge that does not allow two-way traffic nor capacity for larger vehicles”.

She indicated residents have road safety concerns. Concern has also been expressed over potential noise, odour and litter.  However, the officer said Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Roads has no objection to the proposal.

She told councillors the proposed pods would be small with grey aluminium cladding and of the appearance of small agricultural buildings.  It was proposed trees would be planted around the boundary to “create a buffer” with the adjacent dwellings.

The officer continued: “We are not convinced that this is an appropriate location for these glamping pods with potential impact on residents of Millvale.  This is introducing development outside the development limits.”

Larne Lough DUP Alderman Paul Reid commented: “I think what the officer is saying is that it is the location on this particular farm that she is objecting to.”

Coast Road DUP Councillor Angela Smyth said: “I do believe that the nature of glamping pods focuses on outdoor living – hot tubs, barbecues and nobody can predict the noise levels that is going to create.”

She went on to say she would be happy for the committee to refuse the application.

Coast Road Sinn Fein Cllr James McKeown said he would be “happy to second”.

Larne Lough Alliance Cllr Robert Logan remarked: “DfI Roads didn’t object but that is a very narrow road.”

Following a vote, the application was refused unanimously.


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