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Pet advice issued by the USPCA ahead of Halloween festivities

The USPCA, Northern Ireland Animal Welfare Charity has shared advice ahead of Halloween to help pet owners ensure their companions are happy and healthy during this time.

The Charity stressed that whilst Halloween can be a fun filled event the festivities involved can be very distressing for pets. Strange sights, smells and sounds can be overwhelming. Fireworks in particular, can have a very distressing effect on many animals.

You can tell if your pet is in distress if it displays these signs: panting, barking, whining, pacing around and shivering.

Deirdre McArdle, Animal Care Manager, stated:

“As a pet owner there is a few things to keep in mind over Halloween so that it is an enjoyable time for all.

"Pets can be spooked by fireworks, so we advise you keep them indoors. This will help to reduce their anxiety and limit the chance of them running away due to fright. It is so important to ensure that your pet’s microchip details are up to date and accurate.

"Microchips are not only a legal requirement for dogs but a particularly important part of responsible pet ownership. Should your pet become separated from you, they have increased chances of being reunited with you if their microchip details are up to date.

“We recommend talking your pet out for some exercise earlier in the day, prior to fireworks being let off in the evening. Whilst firework displays are happening, it is important to keep your pet in a space that they feel safe and comfortable in as this will reduce fear and anxiety."

"We also advise that you draw curtains, keep the television or radio on a for background noise, and provide a suitable hiding spot for your pet to retreat to if needed. If your pet is severely affected by fireworks, our veterinary team can provide great advice and treatments to help,” added Deirdre.

The USPCA also has also highlighted other areas to consider this Halloween:

Pet Costumes - Whilst pet costumes can be fun, and we understand you may want your pet to partake in the spooky celebration costumes should not restrict movement or breathing. It’s very important to avoid costumes that use elastic bands or have head accessories as these can obscure your pet’s vision. If they appear to be showing any signs of distress or discomfort, please remove immediately.

Sweets and Chocolate – Whilst often overlooked, these treats are toxic to our pets and must be kept out of their reach. Ensure wrappers etc. are disposed of correctly as they are potential choking hazards. If your pet does ingest something harmful, please seek veterinary advice immediately.

Decorations – these could be potential choking hazards for your pet, ensure they are out of your pet’s reach.

Should you require further advice, please contact the USPCA on 028 3025 1000.


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