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Officers begin wearing new style of uniform in communities across Northern Ireland from today

Chief Constable Simon Byrne unveiled the new uniform, which will be worn by officers in communities across Northern Ireland from today (Monday, January 31st 2022).

This is a new style of trouser and a bottle green top to replace the white shirt and tie.

The Chief Constable explained:

“From today, you will see officers wearing a different style of uniform.

“The previous uniform has been in existence since the formation of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. It served our officers well, but it is right that we reviewed how effective it was 20 years on.

“Reviewing the uniform has been an important part of our commitment to ensuring our officers and staff are provided with a safe, comfortable and high quality uniform in order to allow them to do their job of serving our communities.

“The new uniform will be worn by officers up to the rank of Chief Superintendent.

“It is important that we equip our frontline officers with professional, modern workwear, which is fit for purpose. I am committed to ensuring that the uniform is practical and comfortable in support of our officers as they work to prevent, detect and target crime in our communities today.

“A lot of work has gone into planning and seeking feedback around the new uniform. Our officers work at the heart of communities and, therefore it was also fitting that we listened to what communities thought during the pilot phase.

“You will remember that 150 officers from a range of operational positions and locations took part in a three-month trial, and we sought your views when we conducted three social media surveys last year. Officers were consulted and feedback was also sought from key stakeholders, including the Police Federation, the Northern Ireland Policing Board, and Police and Community Safety Partnerships.

“I believe the new uniform will help us to enhance the visible, accessible and responsive service we seek to provide to the community.”


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