• Love Ballymena

Northern Trust confirms outbreak of COVID-19 at Antrim Area Hospital

It has been confirmed that there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in the B3 Cardiology Ward and the Coronary Care Unit at Antrim Area Hospital.

The Northern Trust told Love Ballymena: “We can confirm that we have identified an outbreak of COVID-19 in B3 Cardiology Ward and Coronary Care Unit with 15 patients and 5 staff having tested positive. All outbreak control measures are in place including isolation and cohorting of affected patients in line with PHE/PHA guidance.

“With high levels of COVID-19 circulating in communities, along with sustained community transmission, outbreaks will inevitably happen and the Trust must therefore continually manage beds as a result of cases that may or may not relate to these outbreaks. A dynamic risk assessment is carried out routinely as hospitals try to manage both COVID-19 and non COVID-19 pathways.

“This is something the Trust has had to become accustomed to but it does add to the complexity of providing acute services during a pandemic and particularly during sustained surges.”

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