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NI Water appeal to end use of Quad Bikes and scramblers at Dungonnell Reservoir & Lough Bradan

NI Water is appealing to the public to be vigilant and report anti-social behaviour, including the use of numerous quad bikes, at the Dungonnell Reservoir, Co Antrim and Lough Bradan, Co Tyrone.

Stewart Walsh, Area Manager explains:

“NI Water would appeal to community and political representatives to support us in tackling any further quad or scrambler biking at these locations. The number of bikes showing up and the severity of the damage is increasing to an alarming state. The whole community needs to help us put a stop to this behaviour before this impacts on vital water services, which are essential for the local community.

“NI Water strictly prohibits the use of scramblers or quad bikes on our sites and would urge those involved to cease this activity immediately. What may seem like harmless fun is in actual fact an extremely dangerous activity and it risks damaging vital water supply resources. The Garron Plateau, which supplies drinking water to Dungonnell WTW has seen major investment and upgrade work over recent years to make it the wetland it is today and this activity is damaging this sensitive and protected habitat.

“NI Water depends on the common sense and goodwill of those using these areas to treat them with respect. It is a shame that the selfish acts of a few are impacting on the enjoyment of the many who visit these areas. This activity, plus recent incidents of vandalism at both sites have been reported to the PSNI and we are actively working with them for a permanent resolution.

“Anti-social behaviour at these reservoir catchments can have serious consequences. Someone could get injured or key services could be disrupted, which is a needless drain on limited resources that could be better invested elsewhere. If such behaviour were to continue, NI Water would have to consider securing the areas and closing them off to the entire public; an action which would be regrettable to take.

“We understand people want to make the most of these scenic areas, particularly over the summer months, but we would ask everyone to respect them. Report any inappropriate behaviour or vandalism to the Police on 101 or Waterline 03457 440088.”


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