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New weather warning issued for ice leading to hazardous driving conditions

Ice warning sign

A further yellow weather warning has been issued by the Met Office today advising that "ice will readily form on untreated surfaces this evening leading to hazardous conditions".

The warning is in effect from 5:00pm to 11:59pm on Tuesday evening (16th January).

Wintry showers this evening will lead to ice readily forming on untreated surfaces, and a new warning for snow and ice comes into force at midnight, and will be in effect until 11:59pm on Wednesday night (17th January).

A Met Office spokesperson commented:

"Throughout this period frequent heavy snow showers will continue to push inland across parts of Scotland and much of Northern Ireland, the heaviest snowfall will likely occur in hilly areas inland from the coastlines exposed to the north to northwesterly wind.

"In these areas an additional 5-10 cm of snow is likely, and there is the potential for a further 15-20 cm of snow in a few locations during Wednesday (especially across Scotland).

"Areas further inland from these most exposed regions are likely to see lower snowfall amounts, with perhaps a 1 cm or so most probable here, with a chance of an isolated spot approaching 5 cm. Ice will be an additional hazard across the highlighted region."

A further weather warning for snow and ice is also in place for all of Thursday (18th January).

Further snow showers continue, but with the wind subtly changing to a more westerly direction, slightly different areas are most likely to see the greatest focus of showers compared to the previous day. In many areas, this fresh snow will be falling on top of snow already on the ground.


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