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Name needed for 150 house development in Ballyclare

The naming of a new housing development in Ballyclare town centre was deferred after three proposals were rejected at a meeting of Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council’s Operations Committee on Monday.

The development adjacent to Rashee Road consists of 150 new homes –a mixture of detached, semi–detached and townhouses.

The proposed names were Paper Mill, Mill Heights and Milltown Green.

Councillors were told:

“Ballyclare was the home of paper making for over 200years. The paper mill employed 800 workers at its peak before closure in 1951. We feel, given the history and location, this name is in keeping with the area.

“Given the location and history of Ballyclare as a paper production /paper mills, we think this would work as it is in keeping with the area.”

Ballyclare DUP Councillor Jeannie-Archibald Brown proposed the suggestions were returned to the developer for reconsideration.

“We already have other ‘Mill’ developments in other parts of the town. It should be given more consideration and liaise with DEA (district electoral area) members to find a suitable name.”

Independent Ballyclare Cllr Michael Stewart noted part of the Rashee Road is known as Moss Road, traditionally where local people went to gather moss to use around their homes.

He suggested this link may be “more appropriate than a connection with the mill.

“It may be appreciated by locals if we try to reflect that history more accurately.”


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