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Moy Park Biodiversity Champions learn all about their local environment at Ecos Nature Park

Staff from Moy Park Ballymena with staff of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council

Staff from Moy Park Ballymena with staff of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council welcomed ‘Biodiversity Champions’ from Moy Park to the EcosNature Park in Ballymena recently to shine a light on this year’s successful ‘Biodiversity University’ and support them in the company’s ongoing biodiversity initiatives.

Council partnered with Moy Park in August to host the fun-filled Biodiversity University programme, providing families with the opportunities to get outdoors, and learn more about their local wildlife and environment.

Activities included tree identification and seed gathering from Hazel trees. Gathering the seeds, nutsand fruits at this time of year is vital so that the next generation of life-giving trees, shrubs and hedgerows will continue to flourish.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Alderman Gerardine Mulvenna, said:

“Mid and East Antrim Borough Councilstaff from Parks and the Open Spaces Development Team were delighted to take Moy Park staff through a brief experiential introduction to biodiversity. Given the current levels of biodiversity loss globally, we are trying to encourage more tree planting and educate our residents so our green spaces will be there for future generations.

“Initiatives such as today’s workshop help to spread the word about conservation, the need to gather seeds and become more invested in nature.”

Emma Herron, Health, Safety & Environment Officer, Moy Park, said:

“We were delighted to join the team at Ecos Nature Park and see for ourselves what is on our doorstep.  

“We learnt how to ID the trees by species and collected seeds. We also found out more about how to process and prepare seeds for growing, and how to sow them and plant them out - gaining little tips to help wildlife in our own gardens and suggestions about what we could grow at home.

“Biodiversity plays a crucial role in our sustainability strategy at Moy Park and our ambition to reach Net Zero by 2040. We recognise the significant role we have to play in protecting the biodiversity and ecosystems within our operations and communities and take pride in placing this at the heart of our business.”

Mayor Mulvenna concluded: 

"Council is committed to protecting and promoting the biodiversity in the Borough 365 days a year and I would encourage everyone to get outdoors and enjoy our fantastic open spaces and our wide range of flora and fauna. Our parks provide spaces for families to relax, play, walk and observe wildlife. There are many different habitats in our green spaces for humans and wildlife to enjoy at no cost. Getting out in nature provides a calming environment, which also helps to reduce stress.”

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