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Ministers launch new approach to 14-19 education and training in NI

Education Minister Michelle McIlveen and Economy Minister Gordon Lyons visited Bangor Academy and South Eastern Regional College to launch a framework that will drive forward a more strategic approach education and training for 14 to 19 year olds.

Education Minister, Michelle McIlveen and Economy Minister, Gordon Lyons today launched a framework to help drive forward a more strategic approach to education and training for 14 to 19 year olds.

The framework was developed through a co-design approach across the education and training sectors. 

It sets out three key drivers which focus on ensuring that every young person is equipped to fulfil their potential; improving awareness and understanding of the pathways through 14-19 education and training; and ensuring that our 14-19 education and training system is efficient and effective and meets the needs of young people, society and the economy.

Education Minister Michelle McIlveen said:

“14-19 is a pivotal stage in the lives of our young people. It is important that we nurture their talents and support them to follow the pathway that is right for them.

“The framework is an important first step in addressing the range of issues which have impacted on 14-19 year olds’ experiences during this stage of their education, training and into careers. It will help to ensure young people can achieve their full potential as they move through their individual educational and vocational journeys.”  

Northern Ireland Economy Minister Gordon Lyons added:

“This framework will provide the basis to build on existing partnerships, foster new relationships and ensure our young people have the skills and knowledge to enable them to succeed as individuals, as contributors to society and to the Northern Ireland economy. It will work as a catalyst to ensure we have an education and training system that meets the needs of young people and the economy.”

The Framework sets out a vision that encourages new partnerships while enhancing the existing collaborations to ensure opportunities for young people to learn about the full range of pathways and ensure they are supported to make decisions which allow them to fulfil their potential.

The 14-19 framework is available at:


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