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Minister Swann praises work of Mental Health staff

Health Minister Robin Swann has visited Holywell hospital to meet staff and show his appreciation to all Mental Health workforce in Northern Ireland.

Minister Swann said: “This pandemic has taken a massive physical toll on us all but it has also had a significant impact on emotional wellbeing and mental health among our community. That in turn has seen Mental Health teams working under significant strain. They have however responded magnificently and ensured that care and treatment have been available throughout the pandemic with minimum disruption.”

Mental Health services require a multi-disciplinary approach and consequently a wide variety of professionals are involved.

These include doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, Allied Health Professionals, peer support, administrative and maintenance staff. There are also inpatient and community settings for care and treatment as well as those who work in the community and voluntary sector. 

Minister Swann stated: “Although I am here in Holywell today I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to staff across all our Trusts the community and voluntary sector who work so diligently and selflessly to support those who have mental ill health.

“When I publish the 10 year mental health strategy next year it is important that it considers the voices of the workforce. This is a valuable opportunity for me to learn first-hand of their experiences.’’

During the course of his visit the Minister was able to meet with members of staff and visited a number of wards. He was also briefed on plans for the new Mental Health Facility at the hospital at the Antrim Area Hospital site which will provide 134 beds.

Each of the five Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland provides a mental health service within community and hospital settings and across a wide range of specialisms.

Mental Health services have continued uninterrupted throughout the pandemic.  Measures have however been taken to mitigate risk to both service users and staff in many instances.

Support for people struggling with mental health issues can be obtained from their GP, 999, or Lifeline (Tel: 0808 808 8000)  Further resources are available from Minding Your Head

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